Store appeals for people to recycle cards and gift wrap

Sainsbury's staff at Wadsley Bridge
Sainsbury's staff at Wadsley Bridge

Shoppers in Sheffield are being encouraged to recycle their Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

The Sainsbury’s supermarket in Wadsley Bridge is running a card collection until Tuesday, January 13.

The collected cards will be recycled by Sainsbury’s and used to make a donation to the Forest Stewardship Council.

Chris Addleton, store manager, said: “It’s a great way to continue that goodwill feeling and ensure your cards are put to positive use.”

Rosie Teasdale, deputy director of FSC UK, said: “Sainsbury’s Wadsley Bridge donation provides essential support for our education and awareness-raising work.

“Recycling paper results in less waste going to landfill and it’s helping to give future generations the gift of healthy forests.”