Super South Yorkshire scout collects dozens of activity badges

She has already proved herself as a sailor, navigator, photographer, librarian and even potential life-saver.

And now a South Yorkshire scout is working on her angling and martial arts skills - before turning her attention to circus skills and hill-walking.

Hannah Hunt, aged 13, has been awarded an amazing 43 scout badges after a highly-productive summer holiday - and is now aiming to complete the full possible tally of 82.

Hannah is part of Penistone scout group and, at the organisation’s meeting this week, she was handed 43 badges.

Some of the activity badges she has earned include dingy sailor, paddle sports, basic aviation, navigator, hiker, librarian, orienteer, life saver and photographer.

She said: “I love scouting and achieving badges, I have lots of fun and adventures and have set myself the challenge of completing all of the 82 scout activity badges.”

Hannah says she is on a mission to complete all her badges and is currently under way with her angler, street sports and martial arts activities, before planning to move on to circus skills, power coxswain and hill walking.

Alison Lamb, Hannah’s scout leader, said: “We are really proud of Hannah, not a day seems to go by when I don’t get a text or email containing a question about badges or some evidence that Hannah has completed a requirement.”

Hannah has completed 38 hikes, 70 nights away, and 43 water-based activities during her time as a scout.

Steve Roach, scout group leader, said: “We have over 200 members at Penistone Scout Group and the commitment of our leaders and the activities they provide has seen us grow every year for the last five years.

“We have a joining list of young people wanting to be part of the group and have plans to extend our current building and open new sections in the local area.”

For more information about joining Penistone Scouts, call Bruce Meek on 07921 766 357 or email