Support to help Sheffield cancer survivors get active

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

An exciting physical activity programme for people affected by cancer has been launched in Sheffield.

Active Everyday aims to empower individuals to be proactive on their journey to becoming more physically active.

With the help of an instructor, those affected by cancer are supported to become active in a way that they will enjoy and that best suits their needs. This can range from everyday activities such as dog walking, joining an exercise class or taking up a new sport.

Liam Humphreys, a physical activity and cancer specialist who has been trained as part of the programme, said: “We know that ongoing physical activity has a positive effect on an individual’s quality of life, but evidence shows that once a person is diagnosed with cancer their activity levels drop and they often find it difficult to get active again.

“This is where Active Everyday comes in; people across Sheffield are supported by health and social care professionals to become, and importantly stay, active.”

Figures reveal the number of people surviving cancer is increasing. In Sheffield the number of people living with and beyond cancer could rise to around 28,500 by 2030.