Take Two: Musings on Sheffield news

Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield Town Hall

Our daily look at the more unusual stories in Sheffield with columnist Colin Drury


More pub talk: this page recently revealed how an inventory of historic Sheffield boozers is being drawn up in a bid to protect them - and readers continue to come up with suggestions for inclusion.

“What about the Nailmakers Arms in Hemsworth?” asks David Priestly. “It’s said to be the oldest custom-built pub in Sheffield.”

If that’s not a claim worth a, er, research field visit we don’t know what is.


And talking of historic buildings...

“I was pleased to see Oldham Town Hall is to be converted to a cinema,” writes online reader Chris61 after this page reported The Victorian Society was hoping for similar initiatives to save historic buildings in South Yorks. “This may be something to consider for Sheffield Town Hall. They could show comedy films. In fact the present incumbents could use their talents and appear in the films.”


Another reader gets in touch following our feature remembering when the World Cup was held in Sheffield.

“I was in the Scouts at the time and a few of us acted as photographers runners,” emails John Scholey. “We were each assigned a press photographer and would sit behind the goal with them. When they had finished a film we would run with it to the North Stand where it would be processed, and we would dash back. We saw all the matches for free. Fantastic.”


And as this year’s World Cup continues, a new sports bar has opened in Sheffield. The Locker Room, in West Street, has been created in what was once Steelhouse nightclub, a venue famed for its Pound-In nights. Entry was £2.