TAKEAWAY FOCUS: Pret A Manger, Fargate, Sheffield

Food Reviews.
Food Reviews.

December and a healthy diet aren’t natural bedfellows.

Mince pies in the office and endless social drinks start almost straight away – and by the end of the month it’s a full on binge of pigs in blankets and cheese wheels.

Pret a Manger, despite being a chain, does a great range of filling, colourful salads and healthy hot dishes.

Chorizo soup was packed with deep spices and thick chunks of tomato, plus shredded meat. The festive winter salad has a feel-good base of sprouts, butternut and broccoli, but also pomegranate that pops and crumbled creamy cheese. With a chocolate chia pudding – you get used to the texture – plus drink, it came in at a tenner and just over 500 calories.