Taking a trip around my Sheffield playground…

Amy Tingle with her son, Alfie pictured on the swings in Endcliffe Park.
Amy Tingle with her son, Alfie pictured on the swings in Endcliffe Park.

AMY Tingle is a director of Sheffield’s Benchmark Recruit, the award-winning Sheffield recruitment and retention consultancy that she launched with best friend and co-director Louise Harrison-Walker.

Born and brought up in Sheffield, former Hunters Bar and High Storrs School pupil Amy now lives in Nether Green with her husband Phil and their baby Alfie.

Oakbrook Deli, Nether Green

Fresh croissants on a Sunday morning from Oakbrook Deli with the papers and my favourite raspberry jam – that’s a perfect weekend treat. Leisurely weekend mornings and fresh coffee… a smell and taste sensation!

We have lived at Nether Green for three years now and love the little community feel that it has.

My favourite shop is actually Petalis, as Catherine there sells the most amazing flowers. The shop is full of gorgeous ornaments and trinkets which are just perfect. Most weekends I will browse over and get Catherine to put me together some fabulous arrangements that brighten up the living room.

Leopold Square

For long lazy Saturday lunches with a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc you can’t do much better than Leopold Square – and then it’s back home for Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor. Wow, I am getting old!

In the summer my favourite place is Strada as I just love the Gorgonzola Speck with a glass of Verduchio sat outside on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Leopold Square is one of my favourite places in Sheffield city centre. We have also spent many an evening at Platillos for the Delicioso evenings that they do which is just a fantastic mix of food and drink from a chosen region of Europe. My favourite was the Catalan evening as we were just about to head to Northern Spain and it got me very excited.

Endcliffe Park swings

Where we live we are very lucky. If you turn left you have Forge Dam, turn right and we have Endcliffe Park. As a child I grew up at Greystones and spent most of my evenings and weekends in Endcliffe Park. Now I have Alfie I love the thought that he will now grow up playing on the same swings that my friends and I spent hours on, laughing and chatting as we made ourselves sick swinging for hours.

When I first had Alfie I couldn’t get used to the early mornings but one thing that got me through was the thought of walking to the café for an early morning latté and toasted teacake and read of the newspaper whilst Alfie had his morning nap.

It won’t be long before he is pestering me to go on the bouncy castle and the lattés will be a thing of the past.

Ecclesall Road

I am sure this is so overdone in the favourite parts of Sheffield but I still, after 34 years, get a buzz driving up and down.

When I went to university I would get especially excited when I got to Hunters Bar roundabout as that would be practically home for me. Also I went to Hunters Bar School and I have such fond memories of my early school years as I made friends for life at such an early age.

The bottom part of Ecclesall Road holds many memories from being 18 and starting my partying years. It’s great to see all the bars and pubs are still there. These days I feel a little too old for it but I still visit Menzels.

104 Ranby Road

This was the house that I moved to when I was 10 with my mum.

I have so many fantastic memories from this house. One of my favourite ones was when my mum decorated, furnished and carpeted the attic when I was on a two-week holiday so that I had the bedroom I had always wanted – it was the most thoughtful surprise I have ever had.

We had lots of family parties as my auntie, uncle and three cousins lived next door and we were so close it was like having two homes which meant all of our friends were always around and as I grew up as an only child (I now have two sisters) I always had someone to play with.

I loved this house so much that when we left at the age of 22 I was devastated. It took me two years before I could go past the house. The only consolation was that Richard Hawley bought the house from my mum and I heard there were a few great parties in the house after we left, which makes me feel like it has a legacy.

I believe Richard has now left but I am sure the current owners will love it just as much as us.

West Street

I used to run a bar on West Street called BRB @ the Hallamshire that I think is now called Rise and I haven’t been in for years but West Street was my life for about four years as I lived and worked in town.

It was one of the happiest times of my life as I loved running the bar and at that time Sheffield town centre was growing with bars such as Forum, Muse and Bia Hoi and it was a little community of everyone helping each other out.

We put some fantastic parties on but sadly I did have to grow up.