Teen pilot’s plane crash in Sheffield

AIR accident investigators have concluded that ‘incorrect technique’ and a delayed decision to abort take-off caused a small plane to crash land and overturn.

A report has been published by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch into the incident which happened at Netherthorpe Airfield, between Sheffield and Worksop, home to Sheffield Aero Club.

The accident on June 10 this year, involved a Cessna plane piloted by a 17-year-old boy who had a private licence.

The AAIB report said: “The aircraft failed to become airborne while taking off up-slope in light winds at close to maximum take-off weight.

“It overran the runway and came to rest inverted but neither occupant was injured.”

Emergency services attended the scene to make the wreckage safe.

Having interviewed the pilot, investigators found that he had completed normal checks ‘satisfactorily’ and took off, with the aircraft becoming airborne for a short while.

But it then ‘sank’ back onto the ground and the pilot applied full brakes but could not prevent the plane overshooting the runway.

Investigators said the plane ‘struck a hedge and turned over, coming to rest on its back’.

The report said the plane was capable of taking off but its performance would have been inhibited by the uphill gradient.

Investigators said: “The flying club’s chief instructor commented that the accident was probably due to an incorrect take-off technique combined with a delayed decision to abort take-off.”