Telegraph View: Challenge to see another way

It is fairly easy to think so much about our public services is doom and gloom these days.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 11:54 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:12 am
Nancy Fielder

There isn’t enough money, there’s no sign of millions in investment coming any time soon and many services are stretched to breaking point.

Talk to teachers, NHS workers, local authorities and they all tell a similar story. Putting it simply, most of them have had enough and what they once saw as a great career now feels like a mistake.

What is expected of them is unmanageable, but it isn’t actually the jobs that are the problem.

In many corners of Sheffield I am starting to hear calls for a different conversation.

Questions are being asked and demand is growing to challenge what we accept - people want to push for change.

Have a read of this week’s health feature on Page 24 and you get a flavour of what I mean.

You might not have expected a headline along the lines of ‘more money is not the answer’.

There is often a similar feel to our letters page, and this week is no exception.

So should we be looking at fundamental change to systems rather than focusing on a lack of cash?

Are there different ways of organising things that would ease pressures while improve services?

Our city is obviously starting to think through options but we’ll be more successful if we do it together.

If there is a clear theme emerging in Sheffield then we want to reflect that in your Telegraph.

It is time to have the debate in the open and see how we can shape a healthier city across all sectors.

So if you have a view, expertise in a particular area or just an idea that needs air, please do get in touch.

Email [email protected] or write to Nancy Fielder, Editor, Sheffield Telegraph, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU.