Telegraph View: City's great asset of expertise

Sheffield is brimming with experts who are internationally renowned and chose to make their home here.

Thursday, 2nd March 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:40 am
Nancy Fielder

They are one of this city’s greatest assets and have a hugely important role to play. There are obviously hundreds in our universities but I’m not just talking about academics.

We have Sheffielders who are top of the pile in health, education, sport and all kinds of less mainstream knowledge.

You probably know several of the experts I’m talking about but perhaps don’t quite realise how people in their specific field view them.

Raising this city’s profile is a key part in making people good about where they live and proud of Sheffield.

So the more we can shine a light on this expertise, and get their messages around the world, the better for us all. It is great to hear Sheffield mentioned when you listen to the radio or open a national newspaper - every expert opinion that is widely shared is another bonus for our city.

It isn’t always about shouting about our city from the rooftops, although clearly we should be doing that too. It is about the overall impression we create and there are lots of ways to do that which go beyond the obvious.

It is a great pleasure to be able to include so many of our city experts in your Telegraph, and also to have so many getting in touch with their views and opinions.

Some of the issues we touch upon in each edition impact the whole country, such as this week’s special report into maternity services.

But we see it through Sheffield eyes and it will no doubt prompt debate across the city.

The unease around the appointment of the next Bishop of Sheffield is certainly something that is making ripples around the country, but most importantly must be a local issue.

Our wonderful Advanced Manufacturing Park is also getting international attention but the main benefits will be enjoyed right here.