Telegraph View: Hostility is terror’s best recruit

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As a parent of an eight-year-old, I look on the cowardly, horrific and barbaric act in Manchester with horror and cannot imagine the pain of those parents and families grieving.

We must not allow these murderers and thugs to succeed by furthering mistrust and division.

We can defeat this extremism, but only by playing our smaller part in the bigger picture

Instead we must promote our far superior, positive message.

The extremists want to ensure our communities turn on one another.

We must take the poison out of their message by showing how we come together to aid and support one another as one community.

To put it simply, killing children isn’t how terrorists recruit but via the backlash and marginalisation.

People have every right to be angry and upset, I am, but bear in mind that division and hostility are terrorism’s best recruiting sergeant.

The hostility their actions provoke and which some media elements promote is what pushes radicalisation.

Let us starve them of this oxygen and come together as one community.

The Telegraph and Link FM’s Know Your Neighbour campaign is a positive vehicle to build relationships with people who are your next-door neighbours, live on your street, in your community, work with you or people who you come across from all walks of life.

Let’s all get involved and make a positive difference.

I was heartened yesterday as I travelled around Sheffield that people who, normally wouldn’t give you a second glance as they got on with their everyday routines, went out of their way to catch my eye and give me a small welcoming smile.

This has made me proud to be a son of Sheffield.

We can defeat this extremism, but only by playing our smaller part in the bigger picture.

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