Telegraph View: How did society arrive here?

Editor Nancy Fielder
Editor Nancy Fielder

Has social media made us more aggressive to each other?

The abuse people post online is staggering. It is an international issue which applies just as much within the online confines of Sheffield debate.

Small acts of kindness do take place day in day out, but they usually feel outweighed by the bad.

It seems the keyboard creates potential warriors in so many people, but it doesn’t stop there.

There are two articles in your Telegraph this week which should make us all ponder on how we treat other humans. nobody makes it clearer than Nadeem Murtuja in his wonderful column on equality, or lack of it. Punish A Muslim Day is something which should horrify everyone.

How have we created so much hate that such a concept is thought of and, even worse, is taken on by others? We certainly aren’t born like that, so something is going very wrong along the way to end up here.

Then again, have a read of Telegraph Voices this week on Pages 8 and 9. The bile aimed at people who are homeless is also staggering. Many of us don’t even feel the need to hide our utter contempt as keyboard warriors. Insults are thrown in the street and these human beings are treated as if they are sub-human.

Small acts of kindness do take place day in day out, but they usually feel outweighed by the bad. In many ways the snow brought out the best in Sheffielders digging in to push ambulances, check on neighbours and support each other. It doesn’t take much to help someone. We all know that.

I also have to mention our campaign to raise awareness of issues around teenage mental health problems. Page 18 makes it clear why action is needed and why it is so important we, as a society and individuals, have to be nicer to each other and ourselves. It takes a very brave family to say, ‘If we can prevent anyone else from experiencing a loss like ours, we will have achieved our purpose’, and then actually do something about it. Rest in peace Molly.