Telegraph View: Jared is an example after all

There's an important lesson we can all take away from Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O' Mara and his past two weeks in the media spotlight.

Thursday, 2nd November 2017, 10:19 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:15 pm
Ellen Beardmore

Whatever we post on social media might only take a second to type - but it can stay with you, and stain your reputation, forever.

Everyone has seen the Facebook post of a child holding up a piece of paper and urging people to share to see how far the information can travel online.

Within 24 hours that post can be around the world.

As we now know, Mr O’Mara, and indeed the Labour party, had no expectations that he would become an MP at all.

But he did, and there are rightly almost no standards higher than those British people expect from their local, elected MP.

Woe betide the MP who takes a week to reply to an email or tweet, never mind one who has spewed vitriol about celebrities and almost every section of society online.

Youngsters posting their grumbles and moans on social media today cannot dream that one day they might be a manager with a staff of 20, or they will have children, or be someone that people look up to and expect direction from.

But in all likelihoodthey will. It’s up to us as adults to convince them that posting every cough and spit of their existence, every thought about other people, is not wise. Our excellent Secret Teacher writes about how to do this in our education column on page 24. So in a strange way Mr O’Mara is an example for young people after all - but an example of someone not to follow.

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