Telegraph View: Please sir, can we have more?

Is it divisive to write about a city divided?

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 2:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 8:35 am
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Answers on a postcard please. We’ll add them to the pages of letters printed this week.

The opinions expressed in them are so opposing they won’t give anyone involved the satisfaction they seek.

That pretty much sums up where this city is at right now when it comes to trees. Your Telegraph team continues to try to give everyone their say.

In this job very little surprises me. That people can tell me there has been no bullying, in the same breath as making comments about a journalist which even children would construe as bullying, does beggar belief.

Individuals, an absolute minority, on both sides are just as bad as each other. Freedom of speech must not only be lauded when it suits. Don’t all opinions count?

I have personal friends who are tree surgeons and others who drop everything when the text comes in to protect a tree. They have equal green credentials and would normally be on the same side. Salt of the earth, neither would intentionally intimidate or harass and are mortified at the thought. That does not mean it is not happening.

This long and tragic tale shows no sign of ending, unless a fairy godmother is about to appear with bags of cash. How about Michael Gove? If he really wants to make a difference, give this city money to protect these trees and still improve the roads. He might want to run it past his own government’s Department for Transport though since they approved the now infamous PFI.

And since we’re asking, how about cash to install life-saving sprinklers in our tower blocks, something to end the fact that every child in Sheffield gets far less funding that comparable cities for their education, and any kind of lifeline from the social care crisis heading in this city’s direction?

There is a proud history of protest in this city. We must protect that. Equally, there has to be a more constructive answer than turning on ourselves.