Telegraph View: Reminder: we’re on same side

Nancy Fielder
Nancy Fielder

This could be the first time a story about a leaky pipe has made the front page story of the Sheffield Telegraph.

Quiet news week, I hear you say.

Far from it. There has been lots of important news as you’ll see when you make your way through the paper.

However, sometimes what is unsaid can be just as important as what is said ... or in today’s world of PR, what arrives in an official statement.

It has all gone very quiet on what is happening with our Central Library, even though we are more than halfway through the consultation.

Yet, in my personal opinion, not bothering to reopen the cafe speaks volumes.

Is this the beginning of the end? Why bother to sort out the cafe when it is closing at the end of the year?

Or can our cash-strapped council simply not find the money? Perhaps it has taken a sensible decision to cut costs at a cafe that never seemed to be particularly busy. A city provided with facts and context would probably back such a move.

Maybe that eatery has been taken over by aliens. Human beings have very vivid imaginations and lack of information allows that to run riot. I speculate, and no doubt you will too, because our council does not give us enough information to make informed decisions.

That is why one leaky pipe is more than important enough for the front page.

Ask people who are annoyed about trees, fed-up about services and confused about cuts. Often, more information and a balanced conversation would stop half of the furore. Isn’t that the role of our council’s communications team or am I missing something?

And our elected members, aren’t they there to make decisions on our behalf? That is something I would certainly find challenging if I hadn’t given out enough information to be able to truly assess the opinions of the people to whom I answer.