Telegraph View: Rolling on back to a '˜new old'

There's nothing new in the world.

Thursday, 1st February 2018, 9:27 am
Updated Thursday, 1st February 2018, 9:30 am
Star editor Nancy Fielder is campaigning for Pride in Sheffield.

In a society obsessed with home delivery, we forgot about one of the original doorstep service.

But fear not, the milkman is back. The story on Page 6 fills me with delight.

There is a firm in Hillsborough which is battling the mass of plastic waste and is sparking a mini revolution.

It seems strange to call a return to old habits a revolution but it is certainly completing a circle, if only temporarily.

It would be brilliant to see the idea from Hillsborough Dairy grow wings.

There are so many things and ideas which we toss away without a second thought.

It is reassuring sometimes to see new sparks from old flames. Maybe my children will one day experience one of my most delightful childhood memories of frozen milk pushing through the silver top. The best things from the past aren’t necessarily ground-breaking.

How do the circles work in your profession? There is certainly nothing new in journalism. Yes, the audience might be reading stories on a wider range of platforms but the fundamentals hold true.

For all the digital wizardry in the world, the most successful journalists and news sites still write interesting articles targeted at a specific audience. That will never change.

Similar thoughts may cross your mind when you read Professor Vanessa Toulmin’s column on Page 20.

Where are we in the circle of equal rights in 2018? How are things for women in Sheffield today compared to 100 years ago?

How many female candidates are there so far for South Yorkshire’s first elected mayor? Not even one.

Yesterday I was asked if I believed we are in the midst of a revolution for equality? I said no – however maybe I should have looked at the question in more detail.

The answer clearly depends on whether we are discussing the overthrow of a social order or an instance of revolving.