Telegraph View: Summer? Make the most of it

Nancy Fielder
Nancy Fielder

‘Six weeks with my little cutie all to myself.’
So wrote a friend of mine on Facebook on the last day of term.

Her husband instantly responded, online of course, “give it a couple of days and you won’t be saying that”.

Taking time to enjoy the journey is really important

This week’s Sheffield Voices focuses on the summer holidays, and asks if they are long enough.

It is well known to be a stressful time for families and, even aside from going away, usually ends up very expensive. If you work, there will be extra clubs or childcare to cover.

If you don’t, the costs still quickly add up for the activities, trips and treats.

Yet in the middle of all the worrying about care and cash, it strikes me as quite sad that we lose the focus on enjoying our children.

When they are being two and terrible, 18 years seems like the longest time.

But we all know in our hearts that is speeds by and treasured time, like the summer break, seems to disappear completely if we aren’t careful.

It can be so hard to make time for yourself to be just yourself with your children, but if that means having a dirtier house, grabbing a sandwich for tea, having grubby clothes who really cares? Family priorities should be defined by our own desires, not racing to meet expectations.

There is no right way to be a parent, to raise a child, to care for a family.

We all just do our best and hope it turns out ok, but taking time to enjoy the journey is really important.

What happened to days spent at home doing not very much - but most importantly, doing it together?

I love the museums, parks, shows, amusements, but the best memories aren’t necessarily the expensive ones.

Grab hold of the moments that make you smile for no real reason other than being a family can be fun.

I did feel a pang of jealousy on Friday at my son’s amazement that the first week of the holidays had flown by. Only five to go, for the children at least.