Terraced home in Sheffield transformed into giant artwork

A terraced house in Sheffield has been transformed into a giant artwork inspired by the languages of the world.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 09:58 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 10:06 am
Allia Adam, Julia Hooper and Soha Mohamad with the Hindi inspired mural painted by Allia

From the outside, there is nothing remarkable about the three-storey property on the short shopping parade along Upperthorpe Road, in Upperthorpe.

Allia Adam with the mural she painted inspired by the Arabic language

But inside it is a blaze of colour, with the walls on every floor having been transformed into giant canvases.

Eccentric entrepreneur David Thomas employed a team of three young artists to paint a total of nine murals, each representing a different language.

French, for example, is illustrated by the Eiffel Tower surrounded by cherry blossoms, while Arabic features a camel and minarets silhouetted against a fiery sunset and swirling sand dunes.

Soha with her French mural

Allia Adam, Julia Hooper and Soha Mohamad between them spent hundreds of hours over the course of a month bringing their visions to life.

Remarkably, for all three this was their first experience of painting on this scale.

Julia, who is 18, lives in Shiregreen, and is heading to Newcastle University to study health and wellbeing, painted the Portuguese and Mandarin walls.

Julia with the Mandarin mural

Allia, aged 20 and also from Shiregreen, who is volunteering in mental health during her gap year, was responsible for English, Arabic, German and Hindi.

And Soha, a 19-year-old from Firth Park who is about to begin the second year of her fine art degree at Sheffield Hallam University, created the French, English and Russian murals.

Allia said: 'We didn't do any mock-ups, we just painted straight onto the wall, and we're really proud of what we've achieved.

'It's given us greater confidence when it comes to painting on this scale.'

The Japanese mural, created by Soha

This is not the first time David, who set up what he claimed was the world's first '˜selfie centre', has brought together artists for a grand project.

In 2015, the businessman got a team of graffiti artists to paint a sprawling mural on Snig Hill which he claimed covered a world record 1,680 square metres.