The case for Sheffield

Solicitor Neil Salter outside his favourite place, Remos in Broomhill
Solicitor Neil Salter outside his favourite place, Remos in Broomhill

SOLICITOR Neil Salter is a partner at Wake Smith & Tofields, specialising in commercial property. He lives in Crosspool with his wife, two children and rabbits.

Having lived in Sheffield since relocating from York for work over 14 years ago, Neil says he has come to think of the city as home.

Redmires reservoirs

We are so lucky to have such wonderful countryside right on our doorstep, something I appreciate all the more having been brought up in York where there are no hills.

Although it does seem to create an obligation to put on a strange outfit and go out and “enjoy” the scenery in some way!

I don’t always share the enthusiasm of many of my fellow citizens, or even my wife, for the outdoor life but once I’m coerced I do really enjoy it – so long as we can get back home before long for a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake!

Remo’s café bar

I’m not teetotal but I don’t tend to go to pubs or bars, so I consider Remo’s Café in Broomhill to be my ‘local’.

I acted on the initial planning and lease on the property, so I have a professional as well as personal connection to the place.

The owner, the café’s namesake, is authentic Italian via Rotherham – passionate in his work and the best coffee barista as far as I’m concerned.

Remo’s is great for repartee with the regulars, the welcome is always good and of course the coffee is delicious.

This little haunt is ideal if you want good quality Italian coffee and a friendly, unique atmosphere. Unless it’s before 9.30am of course, in which case the new and improved Manhattan on Ecclesall Road is worth considering.

Baldwin’s Omega

What a Sheffield landmark. Baldwin’s has over the years established itself as a real institution for evening functions and formal banquets, though they do also lay on excellent lunches.

David Baldwin established the venue in 1980 and 30 years on he is, for me, the doyen of banqueting in Sheffield.

The atmosphere at Baldwin’s is always pleasant and the inscrutable doorman always seems to look at you when you go in as if you weren’t in such good shape the last time he saw you!

Consistency isn’t a word I can apply to many restaurants, but Baldwin’s Omega offers quality service every time and is definitely worth a visit.

Greens Health and Fitness

I have been going to Greens, off Ecclesall Road, for quite a few years now and actually really enjoy it. I started doing a pilates class there seven years ago, following a back operation and so far so good!

I’ve recently extended my repertoire and have started doing ‘body pump’ twice a week, which is great fun, especially when it stops.

I have a lot of enthusiasm for my classes at Greens but I’ve soon realised that, like golf, it is about the least interesting thing you can talk to someone about.

John Lewis

Perhaps unusually for a man, I am happy to admit I quite like shopping, especially at John Lewis.

There’s generally something to occupy me when my wife and daughters are off clothes shopping.

It is a great store for choosing unique gifts, whatever you’re after, and I always find they offer the ultimate in customer service.

There’s always the chance of a decent cup of coffee in town, and maybe a cake. I draw the line at Meadowhall shopping, though – I still don’t know one end from the other, as one of my daughters recently discovered when I was supposed to collect her.

Cutlers’ Hall

The Cutlers’ Hall in the city centre is just a marvellous historic venue; it is stunning and always offers a brilliant atmosphere for events and functions.

Sheffield is lucky to have this establishment – one of the few Livery Halls that exist outside of London. I also feel a more personal connection to Cutlers Hall as I used to go there often when the Sheffield Club still met on the upper floor.

The history of Cutlers Hall is so tangible and whenever I’m there I feel as if I’m treading in the footsteps of Sheffield businessmen from generations before.

Wake Smith & Tofields

It may be unusual for one to list their workplace as a favourite and perhaps indicates that I could be a workaholic – which I’m not – but it is the reason that me and my family settled here in Sheffield over 14 years ago.

From the day I started at Wake Smith & Tofields over 16 years ago it seemed the right place to be and I am very proud of the firm.

We have developed the practice considerably over the last few years and we’re working very hard to develop it more through this tough economic climate.

Opposite the Botanical Gardens, 68 Clarkehouse Road has a wonderful presence and the view from my room over the gardens is splendid on a sunny day.