The perfect ending to a great Sheffield night out

Phil Coley.  Phil Coley.
Phil Coley. Phil Coley.

Phil Coley is a director at Rotherham-based DuoCall Communications and is passionate about bringing together local companies to do business. As part of the Digital Region project, he has developed ‘fibreband’, the fastest business internet services in the region. Phil was born and raised in Brinsworth, spent seven years living in Crookes and currently lives in Wickersley with his wife, Fee, and children, Taylor and Faith. He’s bracing himself for July as Fee is expecting the couple’s first child. He is reluctant to swap his beloved Audi A5 for a more sensible mode of transport in order to taxi around the expanding Coley clan!

Piccolino’s restaurant and the Peace Gardens

I recently took Fee here for her birthday because the food and service are consistently excellent. I’ve had a lot of business meetings here too and I’ve always found everything to be top class. It’s also a great place to people watch and I love the location. The Peace Gardens have changed so much over the last few years, it’s hard to believe it was pretty much a concrete jungle just 15 years ago.

Tinsley Park Golf Club

My late father was president at the club, I used to be junior captain, my sister is the currently lady captain and my mum is an ex-lady captain! I was a proper ‘hang about’ here when I was growing up because I lived and breathed golf. And when I wasn’t out on the course, I was playing pool upstairs in the games room. My dad was really big on keeping the holes that had to be removed when the airport was built. I remember him saying the airport would end up being a ‘white elephant’ – I guess he wasn’t far wrong.


This might sound odd coming from a bloke, but I have a real love-hate relationship with this shopping mecca. Fee is the only person I know who can be there as the doors open and leave just before it shuts. I recently went there on six consecutive days so I’m currently in hate mode but when I want some new clothes I’ll be back in love with it!

The Forum, Devonshire Street

When I was 18, my good schoolfriend Lee Sedman and I planned to open our own clothes shop upstairs in the Forum. We went down to London to sort all the stock and even signed contracts with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier. But, as with many things when you’re young, we decided not to go ahead. Instead, Lee bought a VW Beetle with the money he was going to invest and I went on a lads’ holiday to Malia. Lee then moved to London to study fashion design and set up the Sons of Heroes brand (as worn by Frankie Cocosa and One Direction from the X-Factor) which is stocked in Selfridges. Every time I’m in the Forum, I always end up wondering “what if?”

Roxy’s/Kiki’s/Chubby’s, Cambridge Street

All three have a special place in my heart. I met Fee on a Saturday night at Roxy’s when we were teenagers but then didn’t see her again for 18 years. Kiki’s was the best dance club in Sheffield and I’d go most Friday or Saturday nights – I must’ve spent hours in the place. And it was a ritual to get chips and cheese from Chubby’s on the way home – the perfect end to a boozy night out in Sheff!

Yewlands School, Grenoside

More fond memories from my youth, this time playing football. I was in the Grenoside Boys football team from the age of 11 to 15 and we played all our home matches on the hallowed turf here. My mum and dad used to ferry me back and forth for training and matches. I was always so excitable on the way there and shattered on the return journey.

Home Pet Supplies, Crookes

Believe it or not, I owned and ran this pet shop from 1994 to 2001 and I enjoyed every minute. The best part was the local people who came into the shop. There were some real characters and I could tell so many tales. I used to deliver to customers all over Sheffield too in my van – lugging 40kg bags of cat litter up 20 flights of stairs to flats in Norfolk Park was, however, not the dream. It kept me fit, though. I must pop in again soon and catch up with some old friends.

Jaflong Curry House, Crookes

In my opinion, this is the best curry house in Sheffield. The Jaflong is on the opposite corner of the pet shop so I’d pop in all the time for a CTM – chicken tikka masala. The owner was amazing, so friendly, and I think I probably got priority treatment as a fellow local business owner. When I moved to Wickersley after living in Crookes for nearly ten years, I used to order take away from here and pay £10 for the delivery – the food was that good.