The roads in Sheffield were - and many still are - in an appalling state

Steve Barnard of the Greens rightly calls for Liberal Democrats to take responsibility for the Streets Ahead programme (Telegraph Letters, 11 February).

Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 2:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 2:20 pm
Pot holes and uneven roads which are causing damage to vehicles in Sheffield and have cost the Sheffield council £1.23 million in compensation and legal fees over the last four years. Damage on Halifax Road near Foxhill

The contract to renew Sheffield’s crumbling roads and pavements was, as he claims, negotiated by Liberal Democrats when we ran the city. And it was made possible by £1.2 billion from the coalition government, agreed in the Autumn Statement of 2011.

For the Greens to advocate turning away £1.2 billion and claim the deal is “bad for the city” is breathtaking. Sheffield’s roads were - and many still are - in an appalling condition, leading to accidents, damage to vehicles, including bicycles, higher fuel consumption and poorer air quality.

The replacement of streetlights with LEDs will also save a great deal of energy and money, and reduce carbon emissions. I do not believe that this contract requires the mass destruction of healthy trees. Tree removals are not simply decided by Amey, they are agreed by council officers.

The great majority of healthy trees condemned - doomed for minor disturbance to the surface of the footway - could be saved if a little flexibility were applied to the methods and standards of footway construction. If only the council were to listen.

Cllr Joe Otten

Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet

member for Environment

and Transport