The stage poured energy

Rocky Horror Show

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 10:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 10:32 am
Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton as Brad and Janet in The Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror  Show, Lyceum

A show that has me laughing and singing along is a show I’ll want to see time and time again.

The energry that came off the stage was outstanding and I’m still left wondering how any of the actors managed to dance in those high heels.

I particularly found the voice of Laura Harrison as the Usherette at the start of the production absolutely beautiful, and had even the most outspoken members of the audience in silence.

The audience participation struck me the most having never seen this theatre production before.

Everyone loved putting their own little twist onto the plot and narrator Philip Franks was fantastic at adding his own funny comments into the mix.

There’s nothing better than dancing away a Monday evening with a bit of the Time Warp and Stephen Webb as Frank-N-Furter had everyone up on their feet.

His character was a fascinating mix of fun and confusion as he tried to make everyone around him happy whilst struggling to find contentment for himself.

The cast worked perfectly together and there was a real connection between them all which carried very well onstage.

I do also have to applaud Callum Evans for his sheer confidence on stage playing Rocky.

His flips and tricks added another layer of enthusiasm and excitement to the show, yet he also managed to portray the level of uncertainty Rocky had about his life and where he was meant to be.

If you love a fun show with plenty of audience participation , give Rocky Horror a go.

By Ann Holmes.