The Star Opinion: Sheffield Half Marathon refund mess


Jus t when you thought the clowns that cocked up Sheffield Half Marathon couldn’t sink any lower, they go and prove you wrong.

Many runners are still furious at the clanger which meant that one of the city’s most revered showpiece events became a laughing stock – unless you were one of those left standing around the streets of Sheffield, without a race to run. It was far from funny for those people.

Now imagine how you’d feel if you were effectively told that the defective goods you bought, you could have a refund on them right away. Then imagine the person who sold you the rubbish in the first place added that whilst your refund would be forthcoming, in accepting it you would be stealing from the pockets of the vulnerable and needy.

Well that’s effectively what happened yesterday when previously let-down runners received a letter from the event organisers.

Immediately there were people who lambasted this latest kick in the proverbials as a callous guilt trip, and who could disagree?

I am all for supporting charities, but I doubt even the charities themselves want ill-gotten gains.

by James Mitchinson