Theatregoers called Fiona get in free

A FAMOUS playwright once wrote: “What’s in a name...?”

Well, if your name’s Fiona - a saving of £7!

The world premiere of new farcical comedy, One Fiona Two, is in a South Yorkshire theatre tonight and, in a whimsical twist, writer John Porteus is offering free entry to anyone who can prove their name is Fiona.

“The play is full of characters named Fiona,” explained John, aged 65.

“I thought it would be fun to grant free entry to anyone else blessed with the name!”

The Barnsley writer was inspired to write the play while visiting the Greek Islands.

“It is about a man who is running a Fawlty Towers- style hotel in Tilos on the Greek Island of Rhodes,” John explained.

“He’s a womaniser and his life becomes infinitely complicated by the fact that all his ladies share the same name.”

John is quick to assure that the play isn’t autobiographical.

“I’ve been happily married to Helen for 38 years so it’s a been a long time since I was in the dating bracket,” he laughed.

“I actually don’t even know any Fionas!”

John has previously written for children’s theatre and a couple of one-man shows, but is the first to admit this is something completely different for him.

“Writing, casting and directing the play has been a really exciting journey,” he said.

One Fiona Two opens tonight at Take Two Academy in Barnsley and it will run for four nights.