'˜There's something there:' Boxer Kell Brook encounters '˜ghost' of 15-year-old girl in Sheffield graveyard

This is the chilling moment Sheffield boxer Kell Brook made contact with the '˜ghost' of a dead 15-year-old girl in an abandoned Sheffield graveyard.

Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 12:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 12:08 pm
Kell Brook by the side of Elizabeth's gravestone in Sheffield

The fighter was captured on camera by the gravestone of a girl known as Elizabeth - just seconds after a local ghost hunting expert had made contact with a girl of the same name in the city's Wardsend Cemetery. You can watch the clip HERE

The 32-year-old from Dore, a keen fan of the paranormal, tells the camera '˜unbelievable' after discovering the name on a headstone and adds: 'I think there's something there,' as the group make their eerie discovery.

Kell Brook by the side of Elizabeth's gravestone in Sheffield

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The boxer was special guest of Sheffield paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair for the weekend ghost hunting expedition in the graveyard as the pair went in search of spirits.

Using a device known as Ovilus '“ which detects environmental readings and turns them into computerised speech '“ Mr Sinclair begins by asking for names of spirits in the cemetery as he stands by a smashed gravestone.

The name Elizabeth comes through, followed a couple of seconds later by Charlotte.

Boxer Kell Brook with paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair

Brook then shouts out that he has discovered a gravestone just a few yards away inscribed with the name Elizabeth.

The boxer tells the camera: 'Elizabeth is down here. Ask her some questions.'

The pair then attempt further contact as Mr Sinclair tells viewers: 'Absolutely compelling evidence.'

The fighter is a big fan of the paranormal.

Kell adds: 'Unbelievable. Elizabeth is coming through '“ that's the name on the grave.

'Its very interesting. Elizabeth was the one that stopped me in my tracks. I think there's something there. I'd like to touch base a little bit more.'

The Saturday night hunt in freezing conditions was set up after he got in touch with Mr Sinclair to explain that he was a fan of the paranormal.

Said Mr Sinclair: 'Kell, along with his family, has a real interest in the paranormal.

'He really enjoyed the night and the evidence we found was astonishing.

'I asked "Is there anyone with you Elizabeth' and the Ovilus detected '˜Dad.'  Elizabeth was buried with her father.'

'I also asked "when did you die?" and it detected "December" and the gravestone did indeed have December written on it.'

'This evidence is astonishing and literally is direct spirit communication. I won't rule out coincidence but what are the chances?'

The cemetery is said to have been the spot for a number of sightings of a ghost known locally as the White Lady, an apparition that has been spotted in distress at the side of a grave.

The boxer's family has a paranormal group on Facebook called "Team Brook Ghostbusters" where they share sightings of spirits and ghosts across Sheffield.