This is the most irritating office phrase that Sheffield workers will hear this year 

Many Sheffield workers will be back behind their desks today after a well-deserved Christmas break. 

‘Back to work’ has been trending on Twitter all morning as workers try and remember just how to do their jobs. 

Most annoying office phrase has been revealed

Most annoying office phrase has been revealed

But, while you’re trying to remember, you’ll almost certainly hear some bits of traditional ‘First Day Back’ conversation starters. 

Christmas small talk could involve a lot of ‘yeah, very quiet’, ‘It’s all about the kids isn’t it’ and ‘planned any holidays yet?’. 

While this chatter could be enough to have anyone reaching for the Christmas chocolates, there are many more annoying workplace expressions. 

Job recruitment site Reed have compiled a list of the ten most annoying phrases heard in the office last year. 

Most of these phrases will have been heard by almost everyone that has ever worked in an office with the first-place winner proving particularly irksome.

‘Can I borrow you for a sec?’ may seem like a polite way to ask for someone’s time but research suggests it is guarenteed to annoy your colleagues. 

The phrase was named not only the most overused (41 per cent) but also the most frustrating saying (13 per cent) heard in the workplace.

The survey of 2,000 workers, revealing the most commonly used sayings at work, also highlighted perennial meeting favourites ‘How long is a piece of string?’ (33 per cent) and ‘Move the goal post’ (28 per cent), which were named the second and third most overused respectively.

These are the ten phrases guaranteed to irritate your co-workers:

1 –  Can I borrow you for a sec? (13%)

2 – How long is a piece of string? (11%)

3 – Think outside the box (11%)

4 –  Teamwork, dreamwork (11%)

5 – Keep me in the loop (9%)

6 – Win-win (9%)

7 – Pick your brains (8%)

8 – I’m stacked (8%)

9 – Blue sky thinking (8%)

10 – Just playing devil’s advocate (8%)

And these are the ten most overused sayings in the workplace:

1 – Can I borrow you for a sec? (41%)

2 – Pick your brains (36%)

3 – Think outside the box (35%)

4 – Keep me in the loop (34%)

5 – Get the ball rolling (34%)

6 – All hands on deck (33%)

7 – How long is a piece of string? (33%)

8 – Back to the drawing board (31%)

9 – Can you shed some light on this (30%)

10 – Move the goal-post (28%)