This is when Meadowhall’s huge new climbing centre will open – and they’re looking for staff

Rock Up have revealed when they’re huge new climbing centre will open – and it’s just in time for Christmas. 

A new thrilling climbing centre will be heading to Meadowall; offering 17 incredible climbing walls towering over 8m tall. 

Rock Up Climbing Centre: Credit: Rock Up

Rock Up Climbing Centre: Credit: Rock Up

Rock Up have said that no experience or equipment is required to take part and there will also be a soft play area and cafe. 

Claire Barber – head of central London retail and Meadowhall for joint site owner British Land – said the wall would be 'super cool and exciting', and that the play area for children outside was also in line for a revamp along with the main food court, The Oasis.

"We are looking at improvements to The Oasis, to create some more space and put some more street food in - slightly different offers that appeal to a wider range of customers," she said. 

Rock Up will be opening their Meadowhall climbing centre on December 18 and they’re also on the hunt for staff.

Casual team members, a duty manager, a full-time team member, a deputy centre manager and a receptionist are all being advertised on the company’s website. 

To apply, click here