This is why police might stop your car in Sheffield from this week 

Police have warned Sheffield drivers that they will be out in force across South Yorkshire this Christmas. 

The force launched its annual Christmas drink and drug driving enforcement campaign on Sunday and have already been on the roads stopping drivers.

Police car - Credit: SYP Operational Support

Police car - Credit: SYP Operational Support

Officers will be cracking down on motorists driving under the influence of alcohol of drugs over the festive period. 

The scheme will see officers carrying out routine patrols of the roads across South Yorkshire to ensure everyone is driving safely. 

Sergeant Matt Duffy said: “We’ve been running similar enforcement operations over the festive period for years now, so I’d hope the public aren’t too shocked or surprised to learn that we’ll be doing these patrols again this December.

“It’s a sad fact that every year, with the hundreds of people that we test, there are still those individuals who blow over the limit for alcohol or test positive for drugs.

“Consuming alcohol or taking drugs severely impairs your ability to drive – they affect your concentration, slow your reactions and your movements – any of which could have fatal consequences.

“The festive season is one to enjoy with your loved ones, friends and family, so please keep yourselves safe and don’t drive or ride under the influence.

“It’s always worth remembering that you can also provide a positive breath test the morning after – so if you need to drive or ride the following morning, make sure you take this into consideration.”

The campaign will run until January 2019.