This is why there’s a huge ‘Treasure Truck’ parked in the middle of Sheffield city centre 

If you’ve been in Sheffield city centre today, you may have noticed a huge truck parked in Barker’s Pool. 

The big blue truck is parked just opposite John Lewis and has been getting lots of attention all morning. 

Yorkshire Treasure Truck

Yorkshire Treasure Truck

After a little research, Yorkshire’s Treasure Truck is actually Amazon’s latest way of shopping. 

Amazon hand picks their favourite new, trending, local or delicious items before loading them onto the truck. 

Customers can get involved by downloading the Amazon app, signing up for free text alerts and receiving a message of today’s offer. 

You can then buy it in the Amazon app and collect your order from the truck. 

An Amazon spokesperson said: “At Treasure Truck, you can expect the unexpected.

“There’s always something happening at the Truck – whether it’s a sample of something delicious, a celebrity meet-and-greet, or a fun game with prizes.

“Stop by and see for yourself.”

The scheme first started in the USA in February 2016 before driving around UK cities like London and Manchester. 

“We all remember the sense of excitement we felt as children when we heard the jingle of the ice-cream van, and we hope to bring that same feeling with Treasure Truck," said James Quick, head of Treasure Truck at, in a statement.

"Every product has been cherry picked, from must-have Christmas presents to jaw-dropping offers, ensuring Treasure Truck will turn an ordinary day into something a bit more special. Savvy shoppers should sign up now to be the first in the know."

Any interested customers can text ‘truck’ to 97377 to find out when the truck will be live in their city. 

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