Thousands sign to oppose Sheffield Tesco store

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

A PETITION protesting against a proposed new Tesco store in the south-west of Sheffield has now collected more than 2,000 signatures.

Residents are campaigning against the redevelopment of the old Parkhead garage as a Tesco Express after the firm submitted a revised scheme for a neighbourhood store.

Consultants for the supermarket giant say all the previous objections have been met but residents have made objections about the safety of pedestrians and the volume of traffic in the area if the project goes ahead.

As well as the petition, nearly 130 letters of objection have been sent to Sheffield Council.

Alan Baggaley, who lives on Parkhead Court off Ecclesall Road South, said the design ‘constitutes an over-development’ and that nearby householders would lose their privacy.

“The proposals failed to incorporate adequate off-street car parking and servicing facilities to meet the needs of the development, and would have a detrimental impact on the free and safe flow of traffic on Ecclesall Road South,” he said.

Mr Baggaley claimed the size of the supermarket has been increased by 494 sqft and that the store will encroach on neighbouring houses.

“The plant is still placed immediately next to these flats and bungalows as previously and will spoil the lives of the occupants,” he said.

Eight parking spaces are provided in the new plan, compared with 11 on the refused scheme, Mr Baggaley added

“The traffic report accompanying the application admits to an average usage of one car every three minutes. Cars do not come at regular intervals and there could be four or five cars arriving and leaving.

“The result will be shoppers and vans parking on both sides of Ecclesall Road South with possible serious consequences.”

Mr Baggaley’s neighbour John Cobbing has also submitted a letter of opposition. He said customers are likely to use a service layby included in the design for parking.

“It is hard to envisage how the company would prevent customers of the store, or for the adjoining takeaways, parking in the service layby,” Mr Cobbing said.

Nick Longworth, a convenience store and post office manager who is heading the campaign, said: “Our customers have shown overwhelming support and have severe reservations over what the implications that extra traffic would bring to the locality in terms of parking, further congestion and the potential safety concerns to road users and pedestrians.

“We have a collective petition of objections of over 2,000, from both Parkhead, Silverhill, Bents Greens and Dore.

“We have also seen nearly 130 strong letters of objection to the proposal being posted on the Sheffield Council planning application.

“There are real concerns over how the present, already busy road – a main link from the city centre out into the Peak District – will cope with the extra projected traffic volume and how this will impact upon the safety of road users and pedestrians, in particular the elderly and schoolchildren, within the local community.”

Tesco’s consultants have said that pre-application discussions were held with planning and highways officers at the council over a ‘significant period of time’.

Their report to the authority said: “The design team are of the view that the issues highlighted are addressed through this submission.”

The consultants said the proposals have been ‘sensitively designed’ and have the potential to add to the vitality and viability of the Parkhead shopping area.

The proposals are due to go before the council’s planning and highways committee at a meeting next month.

Three years ago the council rejected earlier plans, ruling the shop was too big, would cause noise and disturbance to residents.