Thug robbed Doncaster man after taking offence to him saying 'excuse me'

Gaskin was sentenced to 50-months in prison during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court today
Gaskin was sentenced to 50-months in prison during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court today

A Doncaster bus passenger was left 'frightened' after a thug on the bus he was on robbed him when he took offence to the man saying 'excuse me' as he attempted to move up the vehicle.

During a sentencing hearing at Sheffield Crown Court today Judge David Dixon sentenced Bradley Gaskin, 22, to 50 months in prison for the shocking robbery, which took place on April 11 this year.

The court was told how Gaskin, of no fixed abode, was on a bus travelling through Bentley towards Doncaster Interchange with a number of his friends when his victim boarded the vehicle.

Richard Sheldon, prosecuting, said: "He made his way down towards the back of the bus. He said: 'Excuse me' and the defendant, who was sitting with a number of others, said: 'There's plenty of room there, mate'."

He added: "He [Gaskin] accused him of giving him a dirty look and said: 'I'm going to bang you out'.

"He was frightened and apologised, and the defendant said: 'I'm still going to bang you out when you get off the bus'."

The court was told how Gaskin then threatened to take the man's phone, who responded by asking him why he was doing this to which Gaskin replied 'because I can'.

Gaskin then demanded £40 in cash from the man, and when the bus arrived at Doncaster Interchange he got his friends to escort him to a cashpoint to withdraw the money.

The man withdrew the £40 and handed it over to Gaskin's friends. Gaskin's victim reported the incident to the police, and he was arrested after they traced him through CCTV from the interchange.

Speaking through a victim impact statement read out in court, Gaskin's victim said: "I felt very frightened and scared on the bus. I didn't see what other choice I had. I work hard, I don't have much money. I'm in a lot of debt, and I can't afford to have lost that money."

Gaskin was jailed for four years for robbery in 2015. He was released in January this year, and was three months into his two-year license period when he committed the offence.

He pleaded guilty to one count of robbery in relation to the offence at an earlier hearing.

Defending, Richard Davies, told the court that Gaskin had genuine remorse for what he had done to his victim, his family and himself.

Sentencing him, Judge Dixon said: "An unknown man got on the bus and politely said 'excuse me' and you decided to take offence to this and you threatened him."