'˜To carpet fitters, I've left my door open so that you can gain entry please' '“ Police share amazing note left by Sheffield householder

Police in Sheffield have reminded residents of the need to be security conscious after a householder offered a '˜first class example of what not to do when trying to keep your property safe'.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 07 October, 2018, 11:34

Officers in Stannington noticed the message while on the front door of the property while on routine patrol in the area yesterday.

The note left by a Stannington householder.

The note reads: 'To carpet fitters, I am over the road. I've left my door open so that you can gain entry please. Go in and fit my carpet.'

They said they shared the note as a reminder to residents not to advertise their property and belongings to burglars.

The message provoked astonishment and concern on the Sheffield west police's Facebook page.

Amy Greaves said: 'What kind of idiot does that.'

And Christine Wright said: 'What a plonker '“ just hope their home was safe.'