Tour de France: Bradfield in carnival mode

Tour de France fans in Bradfield
Tour de France fans in Bradfield

Tens of thousands of people are lining the streets of Bradfield as Tour fever sweeps the village.

Families, some wearing fancy dress, are with camping gear have been waiting along the route for hours.

Superfan Nina Peppit, aged 63, from Chesterfield, said: “I’m absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of people who are here. It’s wonderful.

“We’ve been here since 10am.”

Cyclists are continuing to ride the roads before the peloton arrives around 3.30pm.

The route is covered in messages written in chalk, including ‘Where’s Wiggo?’ and ‘To Froome, I love you’.

A brass band is playing at the highest point of High Bradfield and the village is full of a carnival atmosphere.

Jim and Mal Cork, originally from Sheffield from Nottingham, said: “We just managed to get our slot at the top of the hill. We’ll stop here now because we’re near the pub.

“It’s fantastic to have this in Sheffield and such a boost to the local economy.

“Yesterday on the television it looked amazing and now everyone will see how great Sheffield is.

“Everyone at the Old Horns pub last night said it is the busiest it had ever been.”

The village is draped in yellow bunting with bikes everywhere.

Star Tour de France reporter Ellen Beardmore said: “Everyone is having a fantastic time. I expected it to be a big occasion but it is even bigger than I thought.”