VIDEO: Snow 1 Getting to Work 0 (extra time being played)

Snow - I hate you. Really, I do.

On Boxing Day, I was stuck for four hours on Prince of Wales Road, Manor, Sheffield.

WINTER: Icy blast.

WINTER: Icy blast.

That was coming home from a Sheffield Steelers game (lost.)

Last night it was the same again: thankfully for not quite as long, though.

That was after a Sheffield United game (lost.)

My journey from central Sheffield to Dronfield took nearly two, dangerous hours.

This morning, I’d hoped it would have all gone.

But, busy thoroughfares like Stubley Lane and Wreakes Lane in the north Derbyshire town had ground to a halt.

Getting to work: a futile exercise.

Some forecasters say there may be snow, on and off, for five days.

Thankfully there may be some rain on Saturday - fingers crossed.

Mental note: take January off next year...