Decision on HS2 station needs to be made now

Tim Hale
Tim Hale

Choose Sheffield city centre or Meadowhall as the location for the HS2 station – but do it soon to end the uncertainty for business.

That’s the message from Tim Hale, chair of Sheffield Chamber’s transport forum, in a wishlist of key issues to tackle in 2014.

Improving access around junction 34 of the M1 and sorting out city centre congestion will be crucial over the next 12 months, he says.

But selecting a site for the HS2 stop is vital.

He said: “No decision is expected until the start of 2014 at the earliest. Unfortunately, this continuing saga permits no conclusions being reached regarding the blight on commercial and domestic premises which may be affected.

“This is extremely unsettling to the companies involved and we continue to lobby hard for a decision to be made as soon as possible, and for generous and rapid settlements to be made to the companies concerned.”

In the centre, tackling ring road bottlenecks and improving access to Midland Station were important and while the new link road under Tinsley Viaduct would help ease congestion near Meadowhall, it was unlikely to solve all the problems in the area after proposed new developments.