Floral tributes for tragic Sheffield pupil

Flowers outside Sheffield Park Academy in memory of Lawrence Moorhouse.
Flowers outside Sheffield Park Academy in memory of Lawrence Moorhouse.

A sea of floral tributes has been laid at the spot where Sheffield schoolboy Lawrence Moorhouse was hit by a car on his way home from lessons.

Bouquets have been tied to railings and laid on a cycle path next to the crash scene in memory of the 14-year-old, who was struck by a silver Vauxhall Astra as he walked home from Sheffield Park Academy on Tuesday afternoon.

Tragic Lawrence Moorhouse.

Tragic Lawrence Moorhouse.

Heartbreaking letters from friends have also been placed among the tributes on Beaumont Road North, Manor, including one from Shannon and Olivia, which reads: “You were the happiest, most joyful boy in school and I always wondered where you got your energy from.

“You seemed a lovely boy and always had a smile on your face. You had such a bright future ahead of you.”

Pal Kyle Johnson drew a picture of two boys playing football and wrote: “You will be missed by your friends. I will be thinking of you, especially when I play football.”

Many cards express sympathy for Lawrence’s heartbroken family trying to come to terms with their loss.

One reads: “Rest in peace Lawrence. Many thoughts and wishes to your family – many people will miss you and also love you.”

Another letter reads: “I can’t believe you are gone. The whole school will join me in saying we will miss you and you will never be forgotten.”

Tributes have also been paid to Lawrence on social networking sites.

Police officers investigating the death have quashed rumours the youngster was being chased by bullies when he was hit by the car.

South Yorkshire Police said there is ‘no truth whatsoever’ in rumours Lawrence was running away from a pursuit in the moments before his death.

Officers investigating the death have reviewed CCTV footage from the school to piece together the teenager’s final movements.

Sergeant Andy Noble, who is overseeing the investigation, said: “We have reviewed CCTV footage. We have tracked Lawrence’s movements on the cameras for the entire afternoon.

“He can be seen going into his last lesson, leaving the classroom and walking to the library. He didn’t speak to anybody, he was just making his way through the school, and we have a clear view of him leaving and walking across the grounds to Beaumont Road North. At no stage did he talk to anybody and at no stage did anyone approach him.”

Sgt Noble said Lawrence was ‘three quarters of the way across the road’ when the collision occurred.

He said all road deaths are ‘tragic’ but there was added sadness surrounding Lawrence’s case because of his young age and the time just before Christmas.

“Our sympathies go out to any family losing a loved one but it is particularly tragic that this involves a child just before Christmas,” he added.

He also urged parents to speak to their children about road safety and road awareness before they receive gadgets – which can prove distracting – as presents on Christmas Day.

“Kids will be getting all kinds of gadgets and my advice would be for them to be careful when using them near roads,” he said.

“And my advice to motorists is to be aware that if you are anywhere such as outside a school or near an ice cream van there are likely to be children, and kids being kids they will go in all directions.”

Witnesses to the collision should call South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 731 of December 10.