Prized bus just the ticket for fan Iain

Bus fanatic Ian Frith. Picture .''Paul Macnamara/Ross Parry Agency
Bus fanatic Ian Frith. Picture .''Paul Macnamara/Ross Parry Agency

A PUBLIC transport enthusiast from Sheffield has revealed his dedication to his hobby - spending £50,000 buying and restoring more than 20 buses.

Iain Frith, aged 30, has been buying passenger buses for 15 years, built on a passion that started when he was young.

After restoring his prized vehicles, he often sells them on or exchanges them with fellow fans.

His latest model is the ‘Little Nipper’ - a familiar sight in 1980s Sheffield - which took him more than a decade to get his hands on.

“I decided to name the bus Ida, because my gran was the one that started it all for me,” said Iain.

“It’s de-regulated and in storage at the minute which means I’m not allowed to take passengers, but I get plenty of people trying to flag me down.

“It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a bus. The most expensive are double-deckers which cost up to £2,000, but the Nipper only cost £400. However, I’ve spent more than £2,500 to restore it.” He added: “I’d love to own a Fast Line metro bus. That would be the ultimate one for me.”