Sheffield city station hope for HS2 line

Baroness Susan Kramer at Xeros in the AMRC with chief science officer Dr Steve Jenkins
Baroness Susan Kramer at Xeros in the AMRC with chief science officer Dr Steve Jenkins

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer promised to examine the potential for a city centre station on Sheffield’s high-speed rail route.

The Lib Dem peer said the prospect of placing the stop in the heart of the city, as opposed to the preferred site at Meadowhall, was still ‘up for debate’.

She made the vow during a tour of South Yorkshire, during which she visited Rotherham’s Advanced Manufacturing Park and other points along the Government’s proposed HS2 line.

She met with staff at engineering firm Xeros to discuss the business benefits of ‘enhanced connectivity’ it will bring.

Leaders say HS2 will boost South Yorkshire’s economy by up to £0.9 billion every year. Sheffield Council has campaigned for the station to be positioned in the city centre.

Baroness Kramer, once MP for Richmond, said: “All of this is up for debate. We’ve got a good amount of time to work through these issues on this second phase of HS2 so we really want to spend a lot of time looking at the individual proposals.

“We really are open to serious discussion to find the best options.

“I was pleased to visit Yorkshire to hear more about the benefits for the region. I think we are recognising more and more we need to make sure what we do is integrated with growth plans for the area.”

Baroness Kramer made the vow on a two-day visit to Yorkshire looking at the proposed route for HS2 through the region.

James Newman, chairman of Sheffield City Region, said: “HS2 is a central part of our growth plan, and integrating it with existing and future transport services will be a critical part of ensuring we maximise economic benefits and jobs.”