Sheffield road deaths lowest ever

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

Last year 30 lives were lost on the county’s roads and 441 people were seriously injured - down from 34 fatalities the year before, 59 in 2008, and 63 in 2002.

Relatives of victims welcomed the figures but said more needed to be done to improve road safety.

Leasa Ward, aged 37, whose son Mitchell Mason suffered a serious brain injury when he was hit by a car on Harborough Avenue, Manor, Sheffield, last summer, said: “We know only too well the impact crashes can have.
“Mitchell has been left with severe epilepsy and mobility problems and has to be home-schooled.

“Lowering speed limits is something I agree with – but the problem is enforcing the limits.”

The statistics come at the start of national Road Safety Week and the launch of a new campaign by road safety group Brake, which is calling for 20mph limits in built-up areas.

South Yorkshire’s Safer Roads Partnership is also running events across the county this week, talking to motorists about the responsibilities of driving in a bid to push casualty numbers down further.

Younger drivers, aged 17 to 25, will be targeted especially - local figures reveal they are involved in 32 per cent of all fatal collisions, despite nationally making up just seven per cent of the drivers.

Ken Wheat, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership manager, said: “In South Yorkshire last year there were 30 people killed and 441 seriously injured on our roads.

“We must remember that collisions like these have a tragic and lasting impact on friends, families and loved ones.

“Whether you’re a driver, a motorcyclist, a pedal cyclist or a pedestrian you must remain aware and take responsibility for your actions on the road.”

Martin Howard, of road safety charity Brake, said: “Everyone should be able to walk and cycle in their community without fear or threat.

“Road Safety Week this year is all about defending that, and enabling people to live active lifestyles.”

Sheffield Council voted over the summer to roll out 20mph limits across the city, starting in residential areas around schools.

But Brake is calling for more councils to follow suit and wants 20mph limits introduced in all communities.