Six months of traffic disruption ahead in roundabout reshape

News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

Drivers face disruption as a long-awaited scheme to reshape Meadowhead roundabout on Sheffield’s outer ring road finally gets under way.

Work over the next six months aims to ease congestion, reduce journey times for all vehicles and safety.

The council said it will be done outside peak travel times and at weekends in an attempt to minimise the impact on traffic.

The project includes reshaping the roundabout, from a diamond to more rounded configuration, widening lanes on some approaches and improving pedestrian crossings to enable cyclists to use them too.

The strategy was approved by the council in 2010, but was shelved due to cuts in Government transport spending.

Now a £1m of funding has been unlocked in return for Sheffield’s pioneering Bus Partnership, the collaboration between the council, the passenger transport executive and bus operators to improve the city’s bus services.

John Bann, the council’s head of transport, traffic and parking services, said: “The measures are designed to benefit all road users, including buses and pedestrians. Cyclists in particular find this junction difficult so we will be making it considerably safer for them.

“We will be doing everything we can to keep disruption for travellers and local residents to a minimum. The long term benefits make it worthwhile for everyone.”

Amey Construction has the contract, which is part of an initiative to improve journey times on the A61 to Chesterfield.

lSouth Yorkshire has been awarded £225,000 to add six rapid electric car charging points across the county over the next two years. The units give some cars a full charge in 30 minutes as opposed to standard charge points that can take up to 8 hours.