VIDEO: Horse rider’s safety battle

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A young horse rider is promoting a road safety campaign aimed at keeping riders and other road users safe.

Katie Patrick is on course to make roads safer for horses through the use of an on-board camera called HedCamz.

Horse rider Katie Patrick, who is supporting the Ride with Vision road safety campaign

Horse rider Katie Patrick, who is supporting the Ride with Vision road safety campaign

The 18-year-old has teamed up with road safety organisation Ride with Vision, HedCamz and sponsor Wosskow Brown for the potentially life-saving campaign.

It is thought a device such as HedCamz improves safety for horse riders because it can capture evidence of bad driving and also tends to make drivers alter their behaviour if they know they are being filmed.

Katie, from Chesterfield, who competes in events with her horse, Harry, said: “Road safety is very important, because if you get injured you can’t ride, plus the horses are so valuable, especially Harry to me.

“If we can make the roads safer for horses it would be really good.

“My top tip for safety on the road is to let other road users know what you’re doing. If you’re having a problem, ask drivers to slow down so they’re not shocked and they know what’s going on.

“Quite a lot of the time, drivers don’t really understand horses that much.”

Charlotte Hallas, of sponsors Sheffield-based Wosskow Brown solicitors, said: “Whether you’re a cyclist, horse rider, motorbike rider, pedestrian or driver, safety is the number one priority. We are to here to raise awareness for the techniques you can use which could save lives.

“HedCamz is the leading on-board camera device, which has been specially designed to fit to helmets and hats, to protect those most at risk.”

n The Ride With Vision team and its Derbyshire-based sponsored riders - Katie, Sarah Healy, Annie Everard and Victoria Bentley - will be at the Chatsworth Horse Trials from May 16 to 18 offering trial use of HedCamz and plenty of road safety advice.