Video: quirky sight in the middle of Sheffield’s snow paralysis

Being stuck in a snowy four-hour traffic jam in Sheffield is no-one’s idea of a Christmas treat.

But one thing kept our spirits elevated while stranded on Prince of Wales Road yesterday.

Take care in the snow.

Take care in the snow.

The kindness and guts shown by ordinary Sheffield people.

During the blizzard of yesterday evening my wife and I witnessed some incredible sights on that car-strewn stretch of icy road.

There was the cyclist pedalling down hill at full pace, despite the treacherous conditions.

My wife took a video of him as we are fairly sure we wouldn’t believe we’d seen it, this morning.

We also witnessed three or four vehicles that drove across the central reservation of the dual carriageway - and promptly began driving at full pace up the wrong side of the road.

Then there was the white van man who simply refused to give up the aim of getting up any of the various inclines on Prince of Wales road - getting stuck at each one and leaving the rest of us trailing behind him all the more frustrated.

But above all, we won’t forget the community of so many, young and old, male and female, who were determined to help others.

People came out of their homes on the Manor estate to pitch in and help push cars.

Drivers and passengers - including young girls wearing ‘onesies’ - decided to foresake their own cars to help those ahead of them in the interminable queue.

At one point there was a curious congress of Sheffield Steelers ice hockey fans stood around discussing the earlier 0-4 defeat at the Arena.

Ice hockey fans grumbling about their team rather than the plight they had found themselves in!

The orange shirted army also made sure they helped others, including young families

During the four hours we spent in that queue, I saw two ambulances, one gritter but no South Yorkshire police vehicles. I guess they were busy elsewhere?

Progress, as slow as it was, was due purely to those men, women and children, who put their safety at risk to help others.

We salute you!

*What were your experiences last night? Let us know your stories and attach any pictures.

Steelers’ fan Elliott Hall adds: “People living opposite from the Northern General Hospital on Herries Road came out from their warm homes and were pushing vehicles up the hill, mine included. No sight of any police to assist in unblocking junctions where drivers were ignoring signals but there were definitely ordinary people putting themselves out to help others.”

Steelers’ photographer Dean Woolley: “I was rescued on two hills by good people in Rotherham.

“I made sure I returned the favour in other places.

“But there were some idiots out too!”