Tree falls on hospital unit

Operations on spinal patients were delayed after a tree collapsed onto the roof of a Sheffield hospital.

The poplar tree fell on top of a store room near an operating theatre at the Northern General Hospital’s spinal injuries unit.

The theatre list was postponed while specialists were called out to cut the tree into smaller pieces before it could be removed.

Anthony Galloway, from Galloway Tree Services, said the poplar had toppled over after suffering root disease.

“We dismantled and lifted the tree off the roof by lunch time,” he said.

Phil Brennan, director of estates at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said no patients or staff were injured in the incident on Thursday morning.

“The tree did not hit a patient area but as a cautionary measure, that morning’s operating list was postponed while staff ensured the building was safe,” he said.

“The tree was removed completely and the roof will be fully repaired shortly. All trees on site are routinely checked for stability and safety on a regular basis.”