Tribute concert for Sam

Rockin’ Against Cancer at The Scbolar, London Road, on Saturday is raising funds for both Weston Park Cancer Charity and St Luke’s Hospice as a tribute to Sam Kenney following his recent death.

“Sam was known to many as the keyboard player in local classic rock band Bad Whiskey, to some as the accordion player who used to play at old people’s homes bringing fun to the old dears and to me as my uncle and the reason that I picked up a musical instrument in the first place,” says organiser James Jeffery.

There will be three acts on opening with local acoustic artist Ryan Birch.It will be the first Sheffield outing for Pretend Best Friend, the new band formed by Jeffery. He played with Sheffield veteran classic rockers Firegarden before relocating to Birmingham in 2011 and setting up a band to play a mix of PowerPop covers and originals with the focus on melody and three-part vocal harmonies.

Headliners will be the three remaining members of Bad Whiskey who have drafted in some old friends from Scotland to fill the gap left by Sam. A finale will feature all the musicians in the house.