Tributes to anarchist campaigner

Mark 'Mozaz' Wallis
Mark 'Mozaz' Wallis

A VETERAN of Sheffield’s left-wing protest scene described as “an anarchist, troublemaker and a man with strong feelings about almost everything” has died of pneumonia.

Tributes to Mark ‘Mozaz’ Wallis, who was 45 and lived at a variety of addresses around central Sheffield, have been paid on anarchist websites and by Sheffield Green Party.

A Green Party spokesman said: “Mozaz was not a member of the Green Party, his anarchist views prevented him associating too closely with a political party.

“But he was a great campaigner and often supported us on demos. He will be very sadly missed.”

Sheffield blogger ‘Incurable Hippie’ said: “The last time I saw him, he had spent the past few hours in a police station.

“He felt proud that he was considered to be enough of a threat to the state to be worth arresting.

“Before being released without charge, he had made sure to inform all of the coppers of their union rights.”

The blogger said: “He was angry, unpredictable, stubborn and inconsistent. But he was also passionate. And way more sensitive than many people gave him credit for.

“He was supportive, when he liked you, though whether he liked you or not could change at a moment’s notice.

“As an anarchist, and a troublemaker, and a man with strong feelings about almost everything, he was often to be found at demonstrations and protests.

“He found solace in hugging trees, he wasn’t ashamed to admit he cried.”