Tunisia terror attack: Rotherham family escaped gunman on speedboats

An injured person is treated on a the beach in Sousse after the terror attack. PA
An injured person is treated on a the beach in Sousse after the terror attack. PA

A family from Rotherham are among the holidaymakers who escaped the terror attack in Tunisia, which has left 39 people dead.

Callum Emery, from Rotherham, revealed that his parents, Christopher and Paula, grandmother Wanda Goulty and sister Abigail fled the massacre by speedboat.

The 18-year-old is reported to have said: "My dad called to say they were on the beach when the gunman appeared.

"A couple of speedboats were doing things like water skiing, and came over to the shore.

"My dad jumped on one boat and my mum, sister, and nan jumped on another."

Julie Spafford, from Sheffield, posted on social media about how she looked a 'terrorist in the face' after the hotel she was staying in was attacked.

She wrote: "We got to our room and armed soldiers came in the room and searched everywhere.

“It’s like watching a film I want to wake up from dreaming.

“The silence is scary, I’ve never been so frightened I want to come home.

“We are the lucky ones, please God get us home safe.”

Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood said 15 Britons were among 39 holidaymakers killed.

Speaking in the Foreign Office, Mr Ellwood said: "Sadly, I can confirm that at least 15 British nationals were killed in yesterday's atrocity but I should stress that the number may well rise as several more have been seriously injured in this horrific attack."

He added: "This is the most significant terrorist attack on British people since 7/7 and highlights the ongoing threat of Isil."

Some tourists evacuated from Tunisia were flown back into Doncaster today.