TV prompts willing ways

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A SHEFFIELD law firm says it is seeing a surge in interest about wills as a result of the ‘Gerry Robinson Factor’.

Since the BBC series Can’t Take It With You, Irwin Mitchell’s wills, trusts, and estates dispute team have witnessed a significant rise in enquiries, with people increasingly challenging gifts to charities and the split of assets between offspring and new partners.

Louise Sykes, head of the team, said: “Sir Gerry Robinson’s programme is doing a great job in highlighting the grey areas that can emerge if people do not plan for what will happen after their death.

“We are increasingly seeing cases in which costly and damaging disputes emerge because people have failed to take the time to think carefully about the future and amend their will accordingly.

“The complexity of modern family arrangements arguably plays a major part, as those who choose to marry for a second time may have to choose what they leave to new partners, as well as where their children’s inheritance fits into the whole scenario.”