University of Sheffield prove playground games still popular...

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What games did you play at school?

Reality TV has not killed our children’s imaginations just yet, a new study of playground games carried out by the University of Sheffield has found.

The advent of the digital age has not taken over everything it seems, as the study confirms that the traditional games of tag and Ipi–dipi-dation still remain popular among school children but that modern references in playtime fun are also abundant.

The researchers, who spent two years watching children’s playground games, found that children often recreate modern TV shows such as reality series Britain’s Got Talent or daytime chat show the Jeremy Kyle Show and play their favourite characters like Simon Cowell and Beyoncé.

“The playground provides an important space for children to engage with how their culture is changing in a digital age,” Professor Jackie Marsh said, highlighting the evolution in playtimes across the country.

So how does this change in child’s play affect your views about the influence contemporary culture in the playground? What games did you play as a child? Do you think they’re still being played in schools today?