UPDATE: Packed passenger plane suffers ‘suspected technical fault’ in skies over Sheffield

An aircraft which declared an emergency in the skies over Sheffield turned back due to a ‘suspected technical fault’.

By Dan Hayes
Thursday, 07 March, 2019, 15:26

The 14:15 FlyBe BE7215 from Manchester to Dusseldorf reported the emergency shortly after takeoff and returned to Manchester.

On arrival back in Manchester, the airport alerted its emergency vehicles, as is normal in such circumstances.

Stock photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images.

FlyBe said the decision was a ‘precautionary measure’ and that the safety of its passengers and crew was its number one priority at all times.

A FlyBe spokesperson said: “Flybe can confirm that, following a suspected technical fault with the aircraft operating the above flight, the captain elected to return from airborne as a precautionary measure where it landed safely and without incident.

“As is normal in such circumstances, the airport alerted its emergency vehicles. Once the aircraft arrived on stand, all 44  passengers disembarked as normal.

“All passengers are being re-accommodated on the next available flight that is scheduled to depart from Manchester for Dusseldorf at 1755 this evening.

“Flybe apologises for the inconvenience experienced however the safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one priority at all times.”