VIDEO - All we want for Christmas is...

What will your little ones want under the Christmas tree this year?

Just ask these little experts!

John Lewis Sheffield's Top Toy Picks for Christmas - pupils from Parsons Cross School

John Lewis Sheffield's Top Toy Picks for Christmas - pupils from Parsons Cross School

When it comes to toys, a group of Sheffield schoolchildren proved nobody knows them better, as they helped John Lewis Sheffield put together its list of top eight ‘dream toys’ – the ones they predict will be on every child’s list this festive season.

Dressed ready for the job, in lab coats and over-sized spectacles, the eight little hotshots, from Parson Cross Primary School, spent the morning playing with a roomful of toys and feeding back to staff at the city centre department store.

And the theme of the list – When I Grow Up.

“Chefs, architects, detectives, doctors and the next Steve Jobs top the charts of children’s dream jobs and these are reflected in the increase of stimulating and interactive toys that will be topping Christmas wish lists all over the country,” revealed Ian Ellis, toy buyer at John Lewis.

John Lewis Sheffield's Top Toy Picks for Christmas - Leo Readman-Stones

John Lewis Sheffield's Top Toy Picks for Christmas - Leo Readman-Stones

“Taking tips from Britain’s favourite television shows such as The Apprentice and Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, the next generation are inspired to recreate these professions at home with creative and innovative play.”

The final list includes a Mini Kitchen, the new festive Furby Boom doll, Lego Creator Winter Village Cottage set, a Spy Watch & Pen set, a Doc Mcstuffins doctor set, Robo Fish, Sylvanian Families and Kurio – the ultimate Android tablet for kids.

Marketing manager Elle Bradley-Cox told The Star: “I’ve spent the morning playing with the children in our Toy Testing Lab, and they really know what they like when it comes to toys!

“The Robo Fish – little computerised fish that swim around in a fish bowl of real water – have been a big surprise hit, the kids have absolutely loved watching them swim round and round.

“The new Furdy Doll, which interacts with an iPhone or iPad has been another popular one, as have the Sylvanian Families and Lego, so it’s nice to see some old retro toys still making the cut.”

Six-year-old Madeleine Mellor told The Star: “I’ve been playing with the toy restaurant and the Robo Fish, they’re both my favourite.

“I like the kitchen because you get to serve people and I’d like to get it for Christmas. I’d really like the fish too. They’re waterproof and they swim around the bowl.

“I would like to play with the doctor set too, it looks like fun.”

Ben Mitchell, eight, said: “My favourite is the Robo Fish, when they swim it’s so fascinating because it’s very magical watching them in the water.

“I like the Spy Pen too, you write a sentence and then there’s this big blue button on the watch that shows what you’ve written

“I’d really like the Lego for Christmas. I’m obsessed with Lego, I’m building a big pirate ship at the minute at home.”

Kate Mortimer, nine, added: “I’ve been playing with everything this morning and I really like all the toys. My favourite is the Furby Doll because you can link him up to your phone and he does lots of different things, like talks and laughs when you tickle him.

“I think I’d most like to see the Lego under my Christmas tree this year.”