VIDEO AND PICTURES: Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Batman come to town as Sheffield goes out of this world!

Sheffield was turned into another world today as the city was invaded by aliens, monsters, robots and superheroes.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 28 October, 2018, 16:19

Now in its fifth year, the '˜Out Of This World' festival proved as popular as ever, with thousands of sci-fi, comic book, gaming and magic fans coming to the city to see the weird and wonderful sights on offer.

Spread across the city centre, the free event was once again divided into three zones based on the themes of sci-fi, magic and Halloween.

The caged mummy at the Little Monster's Halloween Party, which is part of the Out of this World festival.

A team of Ghostbusters were a popular attraction as was the caged mummy and a troop of Star Wars enthusiasts called the Sentinel Squad.

But many of the children attending - and quite a few of the adults with them '“ came in their own amazing costumes every bit as good as those worn by the professionals.

Away from the more grown-up sci-fi  and magic filled areas, the Moor also threw a '˜Little Monsters' Halloween party so younger children could get in spirit with just the right amount of scare.

Neil Chambers and Adrian Finney as Ghostbusters.
The zombie professor at the Peace Gardens fountain.
Scarecrow from Batman.
Mike Phelan and Gil Elkin at the Little Monster's Halloween Party.
Glynn Skill and Sammy Udoh.
Sentinel Squad UK.